Bruce A. Brown, Owner/Engineer of Puget Sound Studios has been a long time audiophile and has refined the art of listening. The most important tools for a Mastering Engineer are their ears. Bruce has been a Mastering Engineer for over 20 years and has worked with many Grammy winning and nominated artists.

He is also a musician who majored in Piano and Clarinet at Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. After touring with a few bands in the 80's playing keyboards and sax. He kept his ears in the music field doing live location recording and mastering but always dreamed of building a dedicated studio where we could bring the Pacific Northwest a world class Mastering suite.

A past President of the Pacific NW Audio society, currently he is a member of AES and NARAS. Bruce is one of the leading experts in all things digital. He has been featured on the panel of experts at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and the Newport Audio Show. Bruce does the high resolution tracks for HD tracks as well as for First Impression Music that produces perhaps the best audiophile CDs in the world!!